Nusrat Mayin Gemisi


DATE: 4.10.2002 Courageous people of TARSUS gave an end to Nusrat’s difficult life. After the awarding, nusrat divided into three pieces and brought to Tarsus by trucks. Distnce is 27 kms. Time for coming to Tarsus is 4.5 hours. Big Nusrat is placed to Canakkale Park that is made for Nusrat. One committee for 8 people went to Canakkale and checked the scale model of nusrat and searched all sources. After turning back, they started working. Big nusrat became very similar to its original. Nusrat is very valuable for Turkish people who did not see any failure in history, and its destiny is changed by people of Tarsus.

Now Hero Nusrat; you can sleep in a peace way in Canakkale park which is your plaece forever. Your destiny is changed. You are possessed to Tarsus and to people living in Tarsus. But who knows? May be there was a reason that calls you to Tarsus ?’

Burhanettin Kocamaz
Mayor of Tarsus

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