Nusrat Mayin Gemisi


Name and type Nusrat – mine ship
Date and place of construction 1911-Kiel -Germany
Tones 365 Tones
Entering to military service 1913
Its length and width 40m.-7.5m.
Its deepness 3,4 m.
Its guns 1 item 7.5/40 gun ,2 items 4.7 guns ,2mk 5b
Its mine capacity 40 items
Its speed 15 miles
Its date of discharge 1955
Commander of ship Captain Tophaneli Hakkı Bey
Commander of mine group Captain Hafiz Nazmi Bey
Number of crew 61 persons
Its help to war on 18th March 1915, it laid the mines that let the English ships Irresistable and Ocean ships and French Bouvart armored ships sink to the dark waters of strait.
The rest after dischargement,it is sold in 1962 and it is changed and used for transportation.After that,it is left because of the reason that it finished its life. And it sank in 1990 april, in Mersin port. At last in 1999, some volunteers brought the ship again and let it move on the sea again. Nobody supported the campaigns to be the museum and they decide to make it razor blade.
The result In 2003, while it was witing to become razor blade,it is taken by Tarsus municipality and displayed in Tarsus canakkale Park as museum. Now it is in peace. What do you think,?you think we will forget you.!
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